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Welcome to the Faery Store!  

Autographed (or not, as you please) copies of my books may be purchased here. Retailers, please see note at the bottom of this page. 

In addition to my books, I am pleased to make available three books by the renowned visionary British author  Josephine Dunne. For more about Josephine, go here.  When I receive notification of your order and payment  from Paypal, I will email your e-book to you.


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Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy $25.00  
Wisdom of the Elements: The Sacred Wheel of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water $22.00  
Lady of the Sea: The Goddess Who Births the New Age $23.00  
E-Books by Josephine Dunne    
Stories from the Strange Side  $5.00  
The Magical Training of the Initiate  $5.00  
The Thirteenth Manifestation 


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  Faery Healing  and Lady of the Sea are available through New Leaf Distributors. I am the sole distributor for Wisdom of the Elements, but it's unavailable at the moment as we're in the process of getting it reprinted. I will post a notice when it becomes available once again.