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They had four cities at the four ends of the Green Diamond that is the world:
That in the North was made of Earth,
That in the East, of Air,
That in the South, Fire,
That in the West, of Water.
In the middle of the Green Diamond that is the world
Is the Glen of Precious Stones.
It is in the shape of a heart, and glows like a ruby,
Though all of the stones and gems are there.
It is there the Sidhe go to refresh their deathless life.

                                  ~ Fiona Macleod
                                                                             ~Works of Fiona Macleod, Vol 4

In many parts of the world there is a long tradition of spiritual healing work done with the assistance and guidance of Spirit Beings of various types, many of whom can be defined as Faery Folk.  This  archaic tradition of Faery Healing is found in many European countries, and much evidence of it is especially apparent in the folklore and legends of the Celtic and Germanic countries.

We are fortunate to be living in an era which is beginning to find new value in the spiritual traditions and ways of our ancestors, and in reclaiming and re-enlivening those traditions to make them appropriate for the times in which we live. Which is proper, and as it should be, as many of these traditions are truly timeless, and have to do with Right Ways to Live on Earth - humanity's "Original Instructions" from the Ancestors, as it were.

So it is with Faery Healing: this, too, is a spiritual tradition which is being reclaimed and re-enlivened in our times.

This website has been created to be a resource for those seeking information and resources on healing with the help of the Faery Folk.  On this site we hope to present  information from a variety of sources and outlooks on this subject, both traditional and modern.

Also available on this site is information about and from my book,

Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy

Margie McArthur, New Brighton Books, 2003

  as well as recommendations on other books of value and interest. We also have a small but growing list of online Faery Healing resources of various kinds.  A special feature of this site will be a page for those wishing to share their own faery healing experiences and stories.  We hope this page, along with our Yahoo E-Group Faeryhealing will provide inspiration, guidance, assistance, and support to those wishing to re-establish a healthy and co-creative connection with their faery kin.



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