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 Faery Healing - The Lore and the Legacy


About the Book 

    The faeries nudged this book into being. Really!  How else can I explain the fact that I kept accidentally running across books that spoke of Faery Doctors and the old practices of faery healing, the discovery of which inspired in me a deep urge to work with the material I was finding?

    I had been working with the faeries for years and I'd been studying and doing energy-healing work for years, but I'd never - till then - heard of "Faery Healing," or as the old texts name it, "Faery Doctoring."

    Come to think of it, I do believe it all really started many years ago in one of my journeys to the Faery Realm. During this journey the Faery King placed a green tabard over my shoulders. I got the distinct feeling I was being "robed" for something, but had no idea for what it might be.

    Fast forward a few years to an afternoon when I  was receiving a wondrously healing energy-work session from my dear friend and teacher, Jeanine Sande.  As she worked on me, we both sensed the presence of a feminine spirit-being in the room with us.  Jeanine began to describe her, while I began hearing a name: Irmah, Ermah, Airmuth.... That was as close as I could get.  It took me a few years to realize that it was Airmid - daughter of the famous Tuatha De Danaan Healer Diancecht and a healer in her own right - who had spoken to us that day!  But Jeanine was quite clear about the message Airmid was delivering to me:  "I am here to help you with your healing work," she said.

faering_small_belinus.jpg (5566 bytes)    At that particular stressful moment in my life I was far more in need of healing than ready to be a healer, so this message didn't quite register.  Dealing with the grief and trauma of two sudden deaths in the family had left me completely exhausted.  Any remaining energy had to be saved for another situation just then beginning in my life, the publication of my second book, "Wisdom of the Elements."

    So I focused on the publication process - always a tiring if exciting experience - and on recovering from the family traumas.  But in spite of that, I just kept running across these really interesting Celtic folklore books which I just had to read, and from which I just had to take notes! By doing this, I managed to amass, over time, quite a lot of information on the practice of Faery Healing.  I was completely fascinated, and could easily see how Faery Healing fit in with other spiritual healing work I'd learned, and with other indigenous spiritual healing systems of which I was aware.

    As the release date for "Wisdom" drew near, all of my attention became  focused on it, and my Faery Healing notes languished, forgotten for the while, in a file on my computer's hard drive.  Once the book was out and I'd allowed myself some down time, I began to think about which of my millions of writing projects to tackle next. I chose one and began searching my computer for the file. 

 deco-rackham-girl_fairies.jpg (63637 bytes)    But something strange happened, and now I know that "They" were having their way with me.... Each time I found what I thought was the correct file, I clicked it open only to find it was my faery healing notes!  After this had happened three times over an approximately three day period of time, with three files bearing different names, I finally got the message, and realized that I was being told that THIS was my next project.  So I got to work on it...I'm a bit slow, but I do get it eventually!

    I plunged into the work..... I read and researched, I prayed, I journeyed, I dreamed....  I put the pieces together for myself, then put into practice what I'd devised.... and began doing healing work with the faeries as allies.  This, in turn, seemed to open me up even more to faery advice and teaching - in both waking and sleeping states.  When my days were too busy, my nights became filled with faery dreams.  Many's the time I'd awaken in the night - full of a dream's images, thoughts, and most especially, feelings - and reach for my Dream Journal to write it down before it got away from me.  But it is hard to really capture dreams and feelings in words; and the teachings I was receiving were often at a much deeper level than words.  Later on they would surface again and after a struggle, I'd manage to put them into  words, but those words seemed - frustratingly - to be only a semblance of what I'd received in the dream. But I persevered, in the hope that even the "semblance" would awaken the deeper reality in those reading the words.

After researching, dreaming, and writing for nearly four years, I realized I had to stop sometime, somewhere, so I did.  Because of this, please do not consider this book an exhaustive, comprehensive survey on the subject of Faery Healing.  It covers what it covers, that's all.  I consider it a good beginning on the subject, a reopening of a worthwhile topic, a re-examination of one aspect of our ancestral relationship with the faeries in times past, and a look into what can be possible for that relationship in the future. 

fairydeparture15-mounstroussite.jpg (29551 bytes)    I leave to others the delightful task of documenting the Faery Healing practices of other cultures, and perhaps,  devising practical methods of reviving those traditions.

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