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 The Elfen Project - a team of Canadian scientists/researchers - Jim and Elaine Butler - tracking down and recording faery encounters. A very exciting website!  

 Iceland's Elf School  - Provides a thorough education on the types and habitats of the Hidden Folk.

 The Faery Realm: Tales of Faery Worldwide - A delicious selection of faery tales from all over the world.

 Faery Wisdom Jesa Macbeth's wonderful new site.

 World of Froud - Brian, Wendy, and Toby Froud's exquisitely beautiful website.






 Faerie Festival  - Glen Rock, PA

 Maryland Faerie Festival - Upper Marlboro, MD

 Faerieworlds Festival - The one, the only!  Produced by Woodland Productions and Imaginosis. 

 Faeriecon - The East Coast Faery Gathering! Produced by Woodland Productions and Imaginosis






 Celtic Spirit  & - Avalon Mystery School     -  Mara Freeman

 Barinca Travel & Tourism - Travels in the South of France; Anneke Koremans & Peter    van Deursen

 Galenorn En/Visions Yasmine Galenorn

 Margaret Walty Artist & Illustrator - Margaret Walty did the artwork for "Faery Healing."

 Voyages in a Coracle Blessing Cairn  - Jesa Macbeth

 Woodland Music - musicians Emilio & Kelly Miller-Lopez, who are also the organizers of the wonderful Faerieworlds Festival that takes place in Oregon every summer. 

 Fae Magazine - Karen Kay's beautiful "Faeries and Enchantment" magazine from Britain



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