About the Book's Cover 


     I feel so very fortunate that the wondrous art of Margaret Walty graces the cover of Faery Healing.



This is what Margaret has to say about the cover image:


     "The Tree of Life in the illustration is at once an apple tree, a rose tree, and a hawthorn tree, bearing both blossom and fruit. The Faery Queen/Goddess is before it, radiating the Green Fire of life and Healing. Fire rises to meet her from the bowl below, and the reflection in the water is not hers but that of her male counterpart. The plants and herbs of healing grow out of her dress. I've also suggested the Green Diamond of the World (in the shape behind her) and the Red Heart of the Glen below. Various faery creatures hide in the Tree's roots, among foxgloves and the fungi that open out of decay into life." --Margaret Walty, artist


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