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Part One - Origins of the Celtic Faery Healing Tradition
Chapter 1 - Faeries, Druids and Deities
Chapter 2 - The Living World
Chapter 3 - Elements of the Living World
Chapter 4 - Elements of the Celtic Healing Tradition
Chapter 5 - The Irish Traditions
Chapter 6 - Evidence of Faery Healing Traditions in England, Scotland, Wales & the Isle of Man
Chapter 7 - Faeries and Witches

Part Two - Making the Cure
Chapter 8 - Faery-Induced Ailments and Their Cures
Chapter 9 - Faery Herbs - Materia Magica, Materia Medica
Chapter 10 - Faery Stones - Materia Magica, Materia Medica

Part Three - Faery Healing for Today
Chapter 11 - Standing on the Threshold of a New Era
Chapter 12 - The Sacred Earth: The Living Land, and the Web of Life
Chapter 13 - Yesterday's Faery Healing: Assessing the Past

Part Four - A Practical Manual for Faery Healing
Chapter 14 - Faery Healing
Chapter 15 - The Tools of Healing: Some Foundational Techniques
Chapter 16 - The Cosmology of the Faery Realm
Chapter 17 - Traveling in the Faery Realm
Chapter 18 - Practical Work within the Faery Realm
Chapter 19 - Coming From a Place of Love
Chapter 20 - Brigid's Mantle, Airmid's Cloak
Chapter 21 - Empowering Yourself to Heal
Chapter 22 - Faery Medicines
Chapter 23 - Reweaving Brigid's Mantle, Restoring Airmid's Cloak

Part Five - Appendices and Bibliography

Appendix A - The Festivals
Appendix B - Fiona Macleod and William Sharp
Appendix C - Suggested Readings


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