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Faery Healing

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          This page has information which will help get you started on your Faery Healing path. The first bit of advice I can give you is to read about Faery Healing!  If you are serious about it, you will read everything you can find. You will think about all you've read, then you will sift, sort, and think some more.  You will practice the exercises and meditations found in the books, and eventually, you will find that you are creating pathways, exercises, meditations, and making faery contacts of your own. So to begin the "reading" part of it, here are some Faery Healing FAQS to get you started. 


Faery Healing Questions, Thoughts & FAQs

1- What is Faery Healing?
2 - Why do we want to do Faery Healing?
3 - Should I do Faery Healing?
4 - Faery Healing Rules & Guidelines
5 - To Begin

1- What is Faery Healing? ~  My definition of Faery Healing is this: Accessing the regenerative and healing powers of the Otherworlds - the Faery Realm, and by extension, the powers of the Elemental and Devic Realms, as well as that of the Deep Earth - for purposes of healing work, which is the work of *reconnecting and reweaving into wholeness.* (Part Four, Chapter 1)

2 - Why do we want to do Faery Healing? ~ The Faeries are our Kin, our relatives. Yet for the most part we have lost contact with them, and lost, as well, a sense of their significance and importance to the life of the planet. Faery Healing practices reweave this sacred Alliance between relatives, and bring us into connection with not just more of our family, but with another part of our own expanded "True Self."

3 - Should I do Faery Healing? ~ This work is not for everyone, not even for everyone who loves faeries. After learning about it through reading, meditation, and journeywork, you must ask the faeries if the work of Faery Healing is yours to do. You must listen carefully, but be scrupulously honest with yourself and abide by the answers you are given.

4 - Faery Healing Rules & Guidelines ~ These are well-covered in the last chapter of the book, but I will restate them briefly here:


     buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes) Faery Healing is a vocation, a Calling of the Heart. It is not a career, as careers are intended to support us financially. No money should change hands in the practice of Faery Healing. There are no exceptions to this rule.

     buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes) Faery Healers do not work beyond their area of expertise, nor think they "know it all." They know their business, and stick to it. They realize they are not medical doctors.

     buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes) Faery Healers do not heal without request or permission, as to do so would be to interfere with another's "process."

     buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes) Faery Healers  wear no glamorous robes or silly headdresses; they use no shiny, fancy, expensive, New Agey paraphernalia.  They are "just folks," and use common, ordinary, everyday things - rocks, crystals, herbs, candles, water - in their work.


5 - To Begin - Are you still interested? Good! Now please begin educating yourself, reading, thinking, and practicing. And may the Faeries bless you in your healing work!


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