If you've been to this site before and are wondering what's new, what's been changed, or what's planned for the future, this page is for you.   As new things are added they will be listed here by date.


buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)   I have a new book out!  Lady of the Sea: The Goddess Who Births the New Age

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)   April 10, 2011 - Books by Josephine Dunne

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)  July 3, 2009 - E-books

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)  January 2, 2008  Light Upon the Path Readings page now online. 

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)  December 14, 2007 - Faery Gazette Issue One now available. Click link on front page to subscribe.

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     August 1, 2006 - New Brighton Books closes its doors. For information on obtaining Faery Healing,  go to  the  Faery Store page. 

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     June 14, 2006 - I join the Blogosphere at Writing While Under the Influence of Faeries 

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     April 3o, 2006 - The Faery Store is launched

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     April  11, 2006  - Faery Altar page added 

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     December 6, 2005 - Links page added

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     June 6, 2005 - Faery Healing Goddesses  page added 

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)      May 30, 2005 - More reviews added to Reviews page  

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)       October 16, 2004 --   Reviews page added

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)      July 12, 2004 --  This  What's New  page added

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)      December 23, 2003 -- Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy  is now out!

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)      December 11, 2003 -- Faery Healing Group started at yahoogroups

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     September 14, 2003 -- Faery Healing  website goes online!   







buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     Faery Poetry

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     Journey to the Faery Realm

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     Faery Healing Stories page

buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes)     Share Your Faery Healing Stories


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