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Josephine Dunne

      Josephine Dunne is a British priestess, author, and teacher. She comes from a long line of  seers, healers, priests, and ritualists.  She has taught internationally for many years and after several years living in the USA, now resides in Britain with her husband, Stuart Littlejohn. She now writes under the name of "Josephine McCarthy."

        She writes both magical fiction and practical books on inner training and work. To see what Josephine and Stuart are up to, visit their website


~ Josephine's Books ~

Azal: A Retelling of Eve

Stories from the Strange Side

The Thirteenth Manifestation

The Magical Training of the Initiate


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Stories from the Strange Side, The Magical Training of the Initiate, and The Thirteenth Manifestation are currently available for purchase as E-books on this site. I hope to make Azal and  available quite soon, and all four available as paperbacks within a year.