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Faery Healing
The Lore and the Legacy

Margie McArthur

New Brighton Books, Aptos, Ca,

Cover art by Margaret Walty
Foreword by Jessica Macbeth

Release date: December, 2003



In the old Celtic Traditions, interactions between the race of men and the race of spirit beings was not an unusual occurrence.  Even in more recent, historic times, interaction between the realms of human and faery was not a rare event....

 Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy 


is about the traditions of Faery Healing among the Celtic peoples of the British Isles as evidenced in the faery lore and folk healing customs. The focus is specifically on beliefs, traditions and practices both mystical and magical as they relate to Faery Healing, with an emphasis on the development and use of new versions of these traditions for our era.


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