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buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes) - Spirit Song, Issue 22, Summer 2004

Produced by the Druid Order of S.O.N.G. "Spirit of the North Gathering" for all inspired by the Druid and British Native Ways

Review by Madeleine Johnson  

Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy

Margie has written a superb book which although centred around faery practices linked to the faery tradition, is also a treasure trove of faery lore and wisdom, particularly relevant to these islands, and of Native British Folklore and Celtic/Druidic Traditions. There is much good material on the Tuatha de Danaan and their four Cities (topics close to SONG), on herbal lore, tree wisdom, and traditionally faery induced ailments and their cures. There is a good section on historical evidence of the faery healing tradition in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; magic and magical practices, and a grounding of information on the elements. The first half of the book gives us the information and a very good read it is. But the crowning glory - or faery crown - of it is the second half - ‘A Practical Manual for Faery Healing' which is devoted to actual practice using a variety of exercises, meditations and pathworkings and a lot of good common sense advice. The healing of course relates to ones-Self, the Land and of others. 

I love this book and recommend it entirely. It has a good and genuine ‘feel' to it which not all books on faery do. My only sadness is that it is not yet generally available in the UK......Thank you Margie for  a lovely book.



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buziakgoldknot.gif (3253 bytes) - The Cauldron Magazine, Issue 114, Autumn  2004

Review by Michael Howard, "The Cauldron"


Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy

Another book exploring the lost connection between humans and our faery allies for healing ourselves and the planet. McArthur begins with the origin of the faery tradition with the druids (although it predates them), and describes the powerful interaction between witches and elfane. She also examines faery-induced ailments and how to cure them. The latter half of her book is a practical manual for contacting faeries, traveling within their realm and using elvenlore to heal. 



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